6 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021

Last year saw an increase in the use of social media due to the lockdown in the pandemic. More people spent more time on Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook. People craved more social interactions and businesses tried to function amidst the health crisis. More businesses embraced social media for their marketing strategies and this trend will continue even in 2021. Using social media for your marketing is even more important this period when everyone is online, you need to leverage this opportunity to grow your business.

Here are some social media marketing trends that would really be popular this year:

1. Social Commerce will continue: More brick and mortar stores are embracing the shift to eCommerce. Now more than ever, there is a high demand for contactless shopping. People search and scroll to buy products or services. If you have not already done so, you need to list all your products online on Instagram or Facebook. If you sell physical products, you can sign up for Facebook or Instagram shopping to list your products. If your business sells services such as yoga or web design, create a product list with prices and upload it on your social media pages. You can have classes online over zoom and other collaboration tools. There is also a likelihood that your customers won’t buy a product on your website on the first visit, so you need to create retargeting ads on other platforms to convert to sales. Ensure that your site has an optimized user experience and is mobile-friendly.

2. Live Streams will remain relevant: During the lockdown, to maintain social distancing, brands used live streams to conduct product unveiling events, Q & A sessions, and tutorials, etc. The use of Facebook and Instagram live rose to high levels this period. This trend will continue even in 2021. Your brand should take advantage of this as many social media platforms have the live stream feature. You can use this medium to create engaging content for your customers and also use it to promote your products or services. According to a recent Sprout Social Index, 40% of consumers want to see more live videos from brands. Exploit this opportunity this year.

3. Video content will dominate: Video content has been gaining popularity over the years and that is not stopping anytime soon. If you have not started creating engaging video content for your brand, you should start now. People would rather watch videos than read a long caption on Instagram about your brand. You can use your phone on a tripod to record quality videos or create animation or explainer videos to post on your social media.

4. Rise in Influencer Marketing: More brands will make use of nano influencers to reach more customers. Influencer marketing helps your brand create an empathic appeal that consumers can trust. Consumers want to feel the humanity and connection with your brand; to do this you need to explore options using influencers with followings that are relevant to your target audience.

5. More easy-to-consume content: The average attention span of a human is 8 seconds, so if your content is difficult to understand, you’ve lost that potential customer. Make use of Instagram carousels as opposed to writing long captions, nobody is going to read it. Create short podcasts that your customers can listen to while on the go or at the gym. Encourage your customers to subscribe to your newsletter so they can get updates on your products or services. There’s an overload of content online, make sure yours is easy to understand and engaging.

6. Increase in the use of social media for customer service: Since the shift to social commerce, more brands will use social media for their customer service. If your brand does not already have a social media manager, you should hire one. Your customer complaints and requests should be resolved promptly to avoid heavy backlash. Social media can turn very ugly and brands can be boycotted when consumers sense a lack of professionalism or bad customer service.

Apply these social media marketing strategies to your brand this year and see sales improve.

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